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Regular Meetings open to the public.

Board Meeting

Monthly every 1st Wednesday (IMB Hall)

6:30 p.m.-

Board of Directors Installation Meeting

January 8th, 2014 

JACL San Jose Chapter

SJ JACL is committed to upholding the mission of national JACL while offering educational, civil rights, cultural, community building and social programs and activities of particular relevance and interest to the local community. <more>

 With over 10,000 members Nationally and a history of leadership since 1929 (and in San Jose since 1923 as the American Loyalty League), becoming a JACL member means joining the nation’s oldest, largest, and most experienced Asian American civil rights organization.Anyone of any ethnic group is welcome. You do not need to be Japanese or Japanese American to be a member.


In 2010, with a coalition of volunteers around the nation, we passes the Congressional Gold Medal bill to honor WWII Veterans and the San Jose Chapter helped bestow 158 medals during a February 23rd 2012 regional ceremony.


Now, Japanese American families and friends will celebrate this honor as the nation learns more about our

story.  Advocacy also means founding relationships with leaders to fight discrimination in legislation, at home

 and in the media.  

                 Youth and Leadership

We invest in our youth and leaders for the future. In our innovative high school programs, we teach youth about discrimination and how to fight it. In our leadership programs, we train leaders to fight for public policy to benefit our community. The national JACL Internship and Fellowship Program provides five year-long placements all across the country, as well as four summer internships in Washington, DC for JACL youth. Your membership supports our leaders, young and old.


We are an education organization. One of the most important things we do is educate the public about what happened to Japanese Americans during WWII when 120,000 were forced into concentration camps. Our annual Bridging Communities Program brings together youth of all ethnicities to learn about social justice issues. We train teachers to teach about the unjust incarceration, we speak to students, and we educate our politicians so it never happens again. 


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