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Our chapter members represent a broad demographic with varied interests, and as a result we offer diverse programs that we hope offer something for everybody. Hopefully you will find something here you are interested in too!

Educational Programs  


2015  Scholarships

The chapter annually sponsors and administers scholarships for high school seniors in Santa Clara County. 

  1. Applications are available in the following links: San Jose JACL's: Freshman Scholarship and
  2. Ray and Lucy Matsumoto's; Vocational/Business Scholarship.   All materials must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2015

     3. The Go For Broke National Education Center ( is sponsoring 12 scholarships for high school and college (undergraduate and graduate) students. See attached for more information.      Deadline for entry is Tuesday June 30th, 2015


Internship/Fellowship/Community Leadership Opportunities

For information about internship/fellowship/community leadership opportunities, the list is available at this link.


Furthermore, the chapter sponsors educational programs including guest lectures, discussions, and panel groups focusing on the Japanese American experience and historical lessons from the internment experience and the aftermath.  

Civil Rights   The chapter continues to promote the virtues of equality and tolerance for all Americans through its support of various human and civil rights activities and partnerships with like-minded community organizations.  

Campaigning for Justice: Redress Now for Japanese Latin Americans
Support Letter from API Justice Coalition (2008)

Cultural   Stressing the importance of preserving Japanese American culture, customs and traditions in the spirit of promoting cultural awareness and understanding, SJ JACL offers numerous programs designed to share Japanese American culture .  

Community Building   One of the biggest priorities for the chapter is building bridges with fellow Japantown and community organizations in an attempt to foster increased cooperation, communication, and goodwill.  

Social Programs and Activities   SJ JACL is committed not only to being a responsible citizen of the non-profit community, but also to offering events that are fun and interactive.